Thank you for your interest in joining Heartland Camaros OKC. Membership dues are $25.00 a year.  (If joining after September 1 you may pay prorated dues of $31 if you wish to vote in the 4th quarter or just pay $25 and become a voting member Jan 1.)

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to join

  1. 18 years old  (16 with parental consent)

  2. Possess a valid drivers license

  3. Own a Camaro 1967-present  (Does not have to run or even be built)

If you meet the requirements please fill out the membership application.

You can turn your application in, to any officer in person at any event or meeting, via email at or you can mail it to the address on the application.

Again thank you for you interest in our family. We look forward to meeting you.